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The Powder Nozzle from MT Laser

Powder-Based Laser Cladding

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  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Repair or optimizing of workpieces
  • Application of powder independently of the workpiece’s direction of movement
  • Bayonet mount for quick changing of the cladding head
  • Exchangeable protective glass cartridge
  • Anti-collision feature

Powder cladding to support your production processes

Laser cladding with powdered feedstocks is the most advanced approach existing today for repairing or optimizing workpieces of all kinds. This applies especially to processing of large surfaces and deposition of multiple layers (additive manufacturing).Powder deposition welding: repair of a mold for the automotive supplier industry

Powder deposition welding: repair of a mold for the automotive supplier industry

A laser beam melts the substrate together with an injected powder to create a melt pool that is deposited onto the workpiece.

The result is an improved surface free of pores and cracks. If the properties of the added material are carefully chosen, it very effectively protects the workpiece from corrosion and wear.

For all laser systems of the DIODELINE product family

The research & development department of MT Laser collaborated with the Fraunhofer Institute to develop an efficient, easy-to-install powder nozzle for the DIODELINE product line. It is the first such system that allows both wire- and powder-fed cladding, resulting in 10 times the usual efficiency.

The coaxial configuration of the powder nozzle and laser lets material be deposited regardless of the substrate’s direction of movement and ensures an extremely reliable process.

It is therefore also suitable for 3D printing (additive manufacturing). Coaxial feeding of metal powder also enables very flexible addition of volume to the workpiece: it can grow in any direction.

Rapid Clamping System for Time Savings

The powder nozzle from MT Laser features an innovative quick-change system that is straightforward to install in any system of the DIODELINE family. It’s also extremely compact. Because the quick-change system is optimized for all of the required inputs, there’s no need to readjust the nozzle after changing tools.

The quick-change system also lets the user manually perform minor or simple jobs with wire feed. If required, the powder nozzle can then be reattached for automatic coating of larger surfaces.

An integrated anti-collision feature eliminates the risk of damaging the lens in complex or critical beam delivery situations.

Compatible with MTLAS SUITE

For pulsed or continuous beams, powder-based laser cladding can be seamlessly integrated into the flexible concept of the DIODELINE product family from MT Laser.

For industrial applications, the process is mainly used in fully automatic mode with CAD/CAM system support.

Now you can also combine it with the MTLAS SUITE, OR Laser’s new CAM software solution, for automatic coating of complex workpieces.