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United States

About us

Martintrier Tech - Manufacturer of industrial laser systems

Since the founding of Martintrier Tech Ltd in Jun 1968, the founders Colin Martin , Join to Laser group in 1997 ,The Group have pursued the goal of establishing new applications for lasers in material processing and offering innovative laser technology concepts to a wide range of customers in the plastics manufacturing industry.

The current extensive product range of Martin is the result of continuous development work, the implementation of years of experience and the Hands on Research and Development in the laser welding service sector. With the establishment of service centers in four countries as well as a sales network spanning through Germany, Europe and the United States, Martin will continue to offer an interface between laser applications and customer-specific requirements both now and in the future.

Our services and products include

  • Laser deposit welding with all materials; standard, precious and exotic.
  • Manufacturing of complete laser processing machines for laser deposit welding
  • Technology consulting, service and support
  • Research & Development of special applications with Standard and Exotic materials using laser welding technology

We offer you all the equipment and support you need for laser welding, from the laser system to the matching accessories and electrodes.

This makes Martin the ideal global partner for laser welding. We will work with you to achieve results that are precise, efficient and impressive.