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From idea to production

First Step: The idea

The Idea

Long-winded musings or sudden inspirations: Everything starts with the idea and is continued with the following steps.

Step 2: Construction and design

Construction and design

Solid planning is half the rent: The most innovative ideas will be constructed digitally on the computer -with the best solutions for success for the subsequent implementation.

Step 3: Development of components

component development

During production the need for  a prototype emerges.
This prototype will be self-developed for the most part.

Step 4: Prototype development

Prototype development

The vision will be put into action. The device will be built with the necessary parts and the building process will be logged for improvements.

Step 5: Extensive testing phase

Extensive testing phase

In a complete testing phase the prototype will be optimized and subjected to an in-depth analysis until it conforms to our quality guidelines.

Step 6: Serial production

Serial production

Once the prototype is completely tested and optimized the new laser welding unit is ready for serial production and will be - in conjunction with adequate accessories - added to our product line.