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Safe lasermarking of heavy workpieces

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Markings and engravings of heavy workpieces by a laser system

The MAG LASER BIG BOX model is constructed for medium and heavy workpieces of up to 115 kg, and profits from its high flexibility.

In its standard version, the laser ystem is fitted with a motorised z-axis for traversing the laser unit. A further z-axis with an x-y table is available for increased processing space, and this can be comfortably operated with a joystick.

The automatic lettering field is 130 mm X 130 mm in size and a powerful extraction unit is already integrated.

If the components are heavy, the fact that the housing cover can simply be lifted upwards is of considerable benefit. This means that the component can be fixed to the table, for example using a lifting device.

Like the BOX model, the BIG BOX complies with Laser Class 1 to DIN EN 60825-1 with the housing closed. This model can also be used in all rooms without further safety measures.