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You want automated welding processes?

Robo Laser 01

Our laser robots can make that possible. Robot-supported laser build-up welding with powder.

In recent years, build-up welding with lasers has established itself well for repairs in tool and mold construction at many companies.

Combining a laser with a robot also makes automated welding a possibility. In connection with build-up welding of filler material, it is also possible to regenerate complex geometries or perform precise surface corrections. The necessary CAD data is prepared for the robots with the help of a CAM system.

All metallic powders can be processed as filler material. These are applied to the component coaxially to the laser beam and melted on.

Areas of application

  • Model alteration and modification instead of manufacturing a new part
  • Correction of manufacturing flaws
  • Injection molding tools
  • Shaping tools
  • Motor construction
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Forging tools
  • Die casting tools
  • Repair and processing of parts that cannot be repaired with typical techniques
  • Creation of 3D contours
  • Repair of polished surfaces
  • Restoration of worn parts