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Safe lasermarking of small workpieces

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Safe and clean markings and engravings with a laser system

The MAG Laser BOX model is aimed at users who often process small components of up to 10 kg.

The auto­matic lettering field of 130 x 130 mm is ideall­y sized, whether for single parts or small series.

The pro­ces­sing table, sized at 250 x 210 mm is moved by a motor in the z-axis, with a travel path of 120 mm.

A device for an ex­traction unit is also fitted. This guarantees a clean and en­vironmentally-acceptable work­ing.

Thanks to its enclosed housing of Laser Class 1 according to DIN 60825-1, the BOX laser unit can be used in all rooms with­out further safety pre­cautions.

Example of use

With the MAG BOX marking laser i.e. the following materials can be processed:

  • Metals and plastics
  • Glass and wood
  • Ceramics and organic materials


Controls of the system

The MAG LASER BOX includes among others the following controls:

Front of the MAG BOX

Interior view of the MAG BOX

2 Emergency off | 3 Motorized Z-axis up | 4 Motorized Z-axis down | 5 Open / closing the casing | 6 Ruler | 7 Laserpointer